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About Us

Hello!  My name is Tamie and I opened Healthful in 2020 (yes, I know right in the middle of the global pandemic!) because I was looking for a way to help prioritize my own physical and mental health and create consistent, sustainable, and healthy habits.  I've always had a passion for health and wellness, and believe that most diseases are preventable with proper diet and exercise. I love helping others and began finding people to share this journey with.


Since then, I have been able to help people prioritize their health, live healthier lifestyles and achieve amazing results. I began my studio with a brick and mortar location in Grand Ledge, Michigan, and decided to move it virtually in 2022.  I'm now able to serve clients throughout the United States. 


In 2022, I furthered my education and became a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Educating myself and taking a deeper dive into health and wellness are things that excite me!  To share this passion with others is a gift and I hope you will join me on your journey to living a healthful lifestyle!

NEW IN 2023! Health & Wellness Business Consulting Services.  Contact me for more information or 616-522-2379.

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