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​Learn to prioritize your health and incorporate consistent, sustainable, and Healthful habits into your daily routine.  We offer a virtual experience providing education, guidance, and support to help you along your weight loss journey.


Our startup cost is $150 and includes:

  • Get started appointment where we will review your goals, expectations, body compensation analysis, and health and wellness profile

  • Program overview

  • Yearly weight loss coaching fee


The variety pack of Moxifit Bodyfuel is purchased separately for $245 and includes:

  • Two weeks worth of Moxifit Bodyfuel product

  • Supplements (BCAA's, electrolytes)

  • Moxifit Prime Multi-vitamins (one month supply)


Clients can expect to spend approximately $100/week in Moxifit Bodyfuel product cost. We also provide ongoing accountability and support through our app and weekly virtual meetings.


BenefitHub members receive $75 off the startup cost that is originally $150!


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