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Mindful Eating

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is paying attention and being aware of what you are eating and drinking. Making these observations can help you enjoy the taste of your food, feel full and more satisfied.

We often eat for other reasons than hunger such as to satisfy emotional needs, relieve stress, anxiety, sadness, or boredom. Adding mindful eating isn't about being perfect, it's focusing more on being aware of what you are shopping for, cooking, and eating.

Eating mindfully can help you notice when you are turning to food other than when you are hungry. If you aren't truly hungry, try holding off for a while before eating. Try eating slower and enjoy the taste of your food which will help you appreciate what you are eating. This will also help improve your digestion and help you feel fuller sooner.

Try making healthier choices such as adding more fruits and vegetables at each meal, create a journal and write how certain foods make you feel after eating them. Listen to your body and only eat until you are full!

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