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Success Stories

Tamie is awesome! She is very supportive and offers a lot of great ideas on how to succeed. I feel great and love the results I'm seeing! - Liz

Successful Girl
In the Supermarket

I have been working with Tamie and the Moxifit program for nearly 3 months and I cannot tell you what a positive impact it has had on my life. Over the last six years I had gradually gained weight and experienced a surge with the recent covid pandemic. With my weight at an all-time high and concern for my health and wellbeing I was at a loss of how to begin taking back control of my life. Moxifit has provided me with the much-needed foundation to begin making positive changes to my weight management. The program is easy to follow, the packaged meals are delicious and easy to take with you on the go, and leave you feeling satisfied. My one-on-one’s with Tamie have provided me with needed support and time to appreciate my victories (scale and non-scale), evaluate what I need to do to improve, and plan for the week ahead. Tamie is thoughtful, reassuring, and brings an outgoing attitude to our meetings. With Tamie and the Moxifit program I have started seeing results. Not only have I been losing weight, but I no longer have heartburn and acid reflux, I sleep better, and I feel more alert and energized. Thanks to Tamie and Moxifit I believe that I am developing lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life. - Mary

Tamie is an awesome coach helping me on my Heathful Wellness journey! She is a great sounding board and accountability partner! So glad to have found such a wonderful resource right here in Grand Ledge. - Caryn

Pilates Friends

Tamie is an awesome coach! She has a passion for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, both of which I am striving for. I am having great success working with Tamie each week. I recommend Tamie for anyone looking to eat healthier, loose weight, and learn about new foods and recipes. - Tara

Tamie is great! So supportive & passionate. She can help lead you to your goals with your health. Helping you take control & LIVE! - Jena

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