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Time saving healthy tips

Struggling to find more time to spend with your family? Try these time saving healthy tips:

  1. Meal plan! Planning and prepping meals one day a week can help save so much time. Have recipes and a grocery list ready when shopping. Then, prepare your lunches, cut your veggies, and have a list of meals you like to cook for your family in the evenings.

  2. Buy frozen veggies! When roasting or cooking veggies, use frozen instead of fresh. They are already cut and it will save you time.

  3. Invest in kitchen gadgets! My favorites are the Nutribullet for smoothies, Instapot, and immersion blender.

  4. Crockpot and GO! On Sundays, we cook meals in the crockpot. A few of my favorites are whole chicken, crock pot lasagna, chili, shredded pork loin, and beef pot roast.

  5. Recipes! Have a list of your favorite "go-to" recipes, this will help in meal planning and grocery shopping.

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